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Ukrainian R3ich brand's embossed patch on the sleeve "Trident Skull" from the Ukrainian is made of high-quality material using 3D technology, due to which the patch has a clear, three-dimensional image.
The R3ICH brand's founder is a person who knows firsthand what military hardships are. Therefore, the company's products are endowed with deep meaning and subtext, so they support the fighting spirit of the owner.
This patch's form is the Official Coat of Ukrainian Arms, Trident, with an image of a skull in the lower part.
The trident, as a symbol of power, was used in the III-IV centuries BC by the Trypillian tribe elders. Later, this symbol was adopted by the ancient Scythians, their trident personified the reflection of the justice harbinger Rarog, the symbol of the divine heavenly fire.
The depicted skull meant the frailty of life, according to Old Norse mythology, and reminded soldiers that fear of death is not worthy of a brave warrior. After all, there were the soldiers who died heroically in Valhalla, where the battle ended and eternal life began.
This patch is attached to clothes and hats, or equipment, helmets, backpacks using Velcro.
The manufacturing material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
This patch is not considered statutory, it can be worn both in the combat zone and outside it.
The R3ich brand's products are for courageous and strong-minded people who are not afraid to express their individuality.

Manufacturer R3ich
Type No
Сonsist PVC
Color Red

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