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The AREY brand's sleeve patch "Trident" is made of high-quality material using 3D technology, so the patch has a clear, voluminous image.
This patch is dedicated to the Official Emblem of Ukraine - Trident and belongs to the group "Morale patches". The history of the trident origin goes back to the III-IV centuries BC, then the Tripoli tribes elders used this sign as a symbol of power and courage. After the Trypillians, the Scythians, who always considered themselves the direct Atlanteans descendants, began to use the trident. Their trident personified the reflection of the justice harbinger Rarog, the symbol of the divine heavenly fire.
Millennia later, the ancient Rurikovich princely family began to use the trident as a state symbol. Then it was minted on coins, the temple bricks, and even on dishes. So the trident remained in modern Ukraine and became a symbol of freedom and dignity.
The manufacturing material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
The patch size is 10x4.5 cm.
This patch is made in military-style and is attached to the sleeve pad, or equipment such as helmets, backpacks, and others using Velcro.
The "Trident" sleeve patch is not considered statutory and can be worn both in the combat zone and in everyday life.
The AREY's products are for courageous and strong-minded people who have clear convictions.

Manufacturer Arey
Type No
Сonsist PVC
Color Green

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