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The R3ich brand's "Totenkopf" sleeve patch is one of the most popular patches in our online store.

The word "totenkopf" means "dead" or "Adam's head" from German and personifies fearlessness and contempt for death. According to legend, "Adam's head" is the remains of the first person buried on Mount Golgotha, and according to the early Christian tradition, the image with a skull signified the frailty of life. This symbol became an allegorical reminder of life after death and deliverance from worldly troubles. At all times, the symbol "dead" or "Adam's head" was a sign of distinction and reminded soldiers about the fearlessness of death.

Today, the "Adam's head" remains a symbol of military paraphernalia as before, and due to the R3ich company, which put a modern helmet on the skull, the ancient Christian symbol has found a new life.

This patch is made of high quality material.

Manufacturing material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

The "Totenkopf" sleeve patch is attached using the Velcro tape on clothes and hats, as well as on equipment such as backpacks, helmets etc.

This patch is not considered statutory and can be worn both in a combat zone and outside it.


The R3ich brand's products are for brave and strong-minded people with their own clear convictions.

Manufacturer R3ich
Type No
Сonsist PVC
Color Koyot

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