If by any reason your order is not fitting your expectations, you can return it? Do not be upset: any problem can be solved. We will help you with the "return of goods" service, which we tried to make as fast and easy as possible for you!

General conditions for returning:

You will be able to return the item within 14 days upon receipt. Please note that items already worn or laundered or items with no lables will not be accepted by the store! So always check your order. Make sure you have received exactly what you ordered. If you do not like the appearance of the goods, you can return with postal fees on your account. However, if you find a defect or an error occurred while placing the order (you received the wrong product), please do not worry, we will exchange or refund the goods at our own expense.

Unfortunately, the timing of the return and payment depends not only from us. The courier service and banks will also need time to ship the goods and cash, so the time of receipt of our return and the payment return time may vary. From our part, we will do our best to expedite this process. If you did not pick up your order from the Nova Poshta branch within 5 working days, it will automatically be returned to the store!

Refunds after the return of the goods occurs within 14 calendar days from the date of actual receipt of the goods by the manager.

If you have any questions regarding returns, you can contact us in any way you like. We are always happy to help you!