R3ICH Patch "Ticket" White

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The R3ich brand's embossed patch is made of high-quality material using 3D technology, thus, the patch is three-dimensional with a clear image.

The patch is shaped like a ticket, and the inscription on it reads: “Donbass. Valhalla. One way ticket".

According to Old Norse mythology, Valhalla is a paradise for courageous warriors who died on the battlefield. Only the most worthy Vikings could get into Valhalla, but only in case of the brave warrior would hold a weapon in his hand during the time of death. In Valhalla, the supreme god Odin himself was waiting for the heroes and offered them an eternal feast with the best  inexhaustible wine and joy with the most beautiful women. All warriors dreamed of being in Valhalla after death and living forever.

Patch with the inscription “Donbass. Valhalla. One-way ticket" is intended to cheer up the soldiers who are carrying out the Donbass anti-terrorist operation.

The sleeve patch is attached with Velcro to clothing and headgear as well as to backpacks, helmets, etc.

This patch belongs to the "Morale patch" category and is not considered statutory, which means it can be worn both in the combat zone and beyond.

Manufacturing material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

The R3ich brand's products are for people who are not afraid to express their individuality and have their own clear convictions.


Manufacturer R3ich
Type No
Сonsist PVC
Color White

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