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All products posted on the www.arey.world website are the personal vision of the author (artist). They do not provoke or promote Nazism, terrorism, cruelty, discrimination, violence or racism in any way and do not call for conflict between countries and nations.
1. General information.

1.1. Dear visitors, please read the website using terms carefully before making any purchases in the online store www.arey.world.
1.2. The privacy policy is an integral part of the online store's www.arey.world using terms. We make every effort to ensure the maximum security of the user's (customer's) personal data and comply with the rules to prevent the dissemination of the user's (customer's) personal data without his consent or other legal basis.
1.3. The use by the user (customer) of the online store's website www.arey.world means acceptance of the website rules and the terms of processing personal data.
1.4. In case of disagreement with the terms of the privacy policy, the user (customer) must immediately leave the online store website www.arey.world.
1.5. The administration of the online store's website www.arey.world. does not verify the accuracy of the personal data provided by the user (customer).
1.6. The user (customer) acknowledges that in case of a negligent attitude by the user (customer) himself to the security of storing his login and password, which makes it possible for third parties to gain unauthorized access to the account and any data of the user (customer), the online store www.arey.world is not responsible for any damage caused by such access.

2. Personal data.
2.1. The online store www.arey.world collects personal information of the user (customer) to fulfill the obligation (send an order) to the user (customer).
2.2. Confidentiality of information is guaranteed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and international standards.
2.3. The online store www.arey.world does not track the IP address and location of the user.
2.4. The user (customer) can change (supplement, update) his personal data.

3. Privacy Policy.
3.1. The administration of the online store's website www.arey.world reserves the right to change the rules of the privacy policy.
3.2. In case of changes in the privacy policy, the administration of the online store's website www.arey.world undertakes to change the documents versions on the site's corresponding page.

By using the online store's website www.arey.world, you confirm hereby your agreement with the use set terms forth above fully and undertake to comply with them.


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